What Could Happen If You Don’t Pay Your Nanny Taxes

Happy nanny paying tax!Are there any good reasons to pay?

In home care for young children can be very expensive. You’ve got lots of bills to pay like your mortgage, all the food bills and then your nannys wages for looking after your little ones. It can be tempting to skip paying the relevant tax for your nanny if any is owed but what are the implications?

Reporting nanny tax wages and paying taxes is unfortunately the law in the UK and there’s not really anything you can do about it apart from maybe having your nanny work less hours. Then they may not be liable to pay tax which saves you a headache. Remember though it is what you should be doing legally so if you don’t pay taxes you could be liable for some hefty fines if caught so it’s not advisable.

The Risks Involved

You and your nanny as well as the whole family could face a stiff penalty or fine.

If you have filed a personal tax return and used your money to pay your nanny without declaring tax you are committing both a criminal and civil crime so you could have all sorts of forces on your back.

The inland revenue come down very hard on tax avoidance and are regularly making these types of crime public knowledge so you get the fine and shame in one hit! Not to mention the possibility of a suspended criminal sentence and in severe cases of tax avoidance an actual prison sentence.

Your nanny could and often does also face a punishment which can be financial and possibly even worse for her. If she is part of any trade associations (which she should be) then there is a possibility of her being struck off and losing the ability to continue her career.

Is it really worth all this risk for what could actually be a fairly small sum of money in the grand scheme?

Contact the Inland Revenue and come clean!

The Rewards For Doing It Right

We’ve covered the risks so now lets take a look at the reward. Mainly they are peace of mind in knowing that you are doing the right thing and securing both your and your nannies future. There can also be tangible benefits too though.

The Tangible Benefits For Your Nanny In Paying Tax:

  • Your Nanny will be paying national insurance so that safeguards her pension in the future which will be important to her.
  • Your nannies salary will be able to be verified by companies like Equifax who are credit reference agencies used by load and mortgage companies. If your nanny says she is earning money but nothing is being officially logged then she will find it hard to get any kind of load if required.
  • Your nanny will be able to claim unemployment benefit if she is made redundant. Without having recorded work history and tax payments she will find it hard to get instant tax benefits if she is unlucky enough to lose her job.

Calculating Nanny Tax:

It’s advisable to use a nanny tax agency to pay the bills for you and keep everything above board. This is a slightly more expensive route to take but give you peace of mind and less paperwork (if any) to complete yourself. You can find various nanny tax calculators online which will help you get the payments right if you are going to do it yourself.

So in summary don’t be a cheapskate and take risks with your own finances and your nannies career. Pay the nanny tax!

The Best E Liquid For Cigarettes

e liquid flavour bottleE liquid comes in seemingly infinite flavours these days and the range is expanding exponentially. Getting the best e liquid for your electronic cigarette is a daunting experience and something many smokers struggle with as you don’t know if you will like it until you’ve tried it.

Companies like Get Vape offer discounted bottles so you can try different flavours at less cost to yourself and when you know you like one buy a bigger bottle. The best e liquid flavours will sell out quickly and you often find prices may shoot up as stocks become hard to find.

Heres a run down of the best e liquid flavours we’ve found.

  1. Fruits:
    Probably the most purchased e liquid flavour out there after normal tobacco flavours. Fruits come in a variety of flavours and are surprisingly like the real thing considering you are only inhaling the vapour!
  2. Bakery & Dessert
    Many people are moving over to these which come in some amazing food combinations like vanilla custard and caramel! Crazy but addictive.
  3. Candy
    Everyones got a sweet tooth and candy flavoured e liquids are really taking off. These can be a little similar to the fruit flavours as they are often things like apple candy.
  4. Menthol
    Menthol cigarettes have been around a long time and the need to have menthol e liquid was obvious. There are many menthol flavours available and you’ll find that the majority of them are just strength variations of the usual minty flavours.
  5. Yogurt
    It’s not the first choice of e liquid you’d think of smoking but it’s rapidly becoming popular with the younger generations. Maybe they think they will get healthy smoking yogurt! Who knows?

Hopefully thats given you a little food for though when it comes to finding the best e liquid flavour for your taste and remember there are literally 100’s to choose from so you can keep trying different variations for years if you want to!

You can now make your own flavours too. Check this out.

Mobile SEO Is Still On Top

Since April this year Google has been using a new factor in it’s ranking algorithm which looks at how well optimised your website is for mobile phones. I had a chat with a friend of mine Lee Samson who runs a web design company in Worthing that does SEO to find out what I needed to do to my site to get it ranking when I finally get some content on here.

He looked up everything on Google for me and came back with a list of what should help get better rankings on mobiles and desktops.

  • Content needs to be readable on all devices
  • You should not have to zoom into your content when viewing it
  • Small mobile screens should display the content with an 8 point or higher font
  • Simple one column layout for easy swiping up and down the page
  • Google needs to be able to read it easily

So I’ve got this funky one column theme on the site now which should be super friendly for Google and hopefully will get stuff ranking so people see my posts.

If anyone knows of any good themes they think are better for mobile SEO and is into that kind of stuff post a comment and I’ll take a look.

For now I’ll sign off and think of something interesting to write for you next time! :)