The Best E Liquid For Cigarettes

e liquid flavour bottleE liquid comes in seemingly infinite flavours these days and the range is expanding exponentially. Getting the best e liquid for your electronic cigarette is a daunting experience and something many smokers struggle with as you don’t know if you will like it until you’ve tried it.

Companies like Get Vape offer discounted bottles so you can try different flavours at less cost to yourself and when you know you like one buy a bigger bottle. The best e liquid flavours will sell out quickly and you often find prices may shoot up as stocks become hard to find.

Heres a run down of the best e liquid flavours we’ve found.

  1. Fruits:
    Probably the most purchased e liquid flavour out there after normal tobacco flavours. Fruits come in a variety of flavours and are surprisingly like the real thing considering you are only inhaling the vapour!
  2. Bakery & Dessert
    Many people are moving over to these which come in some amazing food combinations like vanilla custard and caramel! Crazy but addictive.
  3. Candy
    Everyones got a sweet tooth and candy flavoured e liquids are really taking off. These can be a little similar to the fruit flavours as they are often things like apple candy.
  4. Menthol
    Menthol cigarettes have been around a long time and the need to have menthol e liquid was obvious. There are many menthol flavours available and you’ll find that the majority of them are just strength variations of the usual minty flavours.
  5. Yogurt
    It’s not the first choice of e liquid you’d think of smoking but it’s rapidly becoming popular with the younger generations. Maybe they think they will get healthy smoking yogurt! Who knows?

Hopefully thats given you a little food for though when it comes to finding the best e liquid flavour for your taste and remember there are literally 100’s to choose from so you can keep trying different variations for years if you want to!

You can now make your own flavours too. Check this out.